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What functions can be customized for membrane pressure sensor test system?


A: the customization undertaken by AI Dong team includes sensor, signal acquisition and processing hardware circuit and test software. It can be customized as a whole or only provide one of the services.




How to customize membrane pressure sensor?


Answer: according to different pet package thickness, different test area and different test pressure range, Aidong team has completed the development of the system, and has formed a mature customized process of 1kg, 10kg, 50kg and 100kg on a square centimeter. The customer needs to provide the overall dimension of the sensor, the target pressure value of the sensor test (for example, 10kg per square centimeter), the minimum dimension of the sensing area, the measurement accuracy requirements of the sensor, etc. the AI Dong team can provide the customized membrane pressure sensor for the customer.




How to choose a custom signal acquisition system?


A: we have completed a variety of different signal conditioning acquisition instruments at single point, 8 points and 2288 points, which are suitable for various customers' flexible choices. The customer needs to provide signal acquisition communication (select the number of chip selection channels and ADC conversion channels according to the number of sensing areas), signal transmission mode (such as USB, RS232, wireless, Bluetooth, mini LCD), and the Aidong team can provide customized signal acquisition system for the customer.




How to customize the test system?


A: a strong software team has developed test solutions for all kinds of customer applications, which can complete the addition and adjustment of new functions in an effective time, and fully meet the customer's customized needs of different genders. The customer needs to provide various functions of the test system, including 2D, 3D, time curve, data analysis requirements, and the Aidong team can provide customized test system for the customer.


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