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film sensor in medical equipment
 film sensor in medical equipment

Application of Aidong film sensor in medical equipment

January 3rd, 2013 , Posted By H. Rackham

Sensor based Medical Intelligence: medical applications pose special challenges to device manufacturers. One of the essential characteristics of equipment and instruments in the choice of survival or death is high reliability. In turn, each component used in such equipment replaces similar reliability requirements, especially the electromechanical components of the human machine interface (HMI). Pressure sensor is a series of components in HMI components, which is also widely used in the rapidly expanding market of personal medical monitoring equipment. The technology that sensor equipment provides together, the term that is created recently is "self quantification". This paper discusses the current application of pressure sensors in medical and health care products. At the same time, it shows that the upgrading of sensor technology may be the key factor to control the increasing cost of health care system.



With the development of mechanical and electrical technology in the past decades, new sensors continue to emerge, which in turn gives birth to the expanding scope of instruments and systems, which can be used in the medical field. In the middle of the 20th century, the hospital continuous monitoring system became possible, which can continuously monitor the vital signs of patients. Any measurement value beyond their normal range can automatically generate alarm events. Until then, the only way to do this is to arrange every nurse to take care of every patient in intensive care. The second half of the 20th century witnessed the development of the computer age, as well as the transformation from analog signal measuring equipment to digital signal testing equipment. As the function of digital processor is more and more powerful and its size is smaller and smaller, so is the sensor equipment. With the invention of new types of sensors during this period, the miniaturization of traditional sensors, such as load weighing and strain gauge, is also emerging. One such device is the pressure sensing resistor (as shown in Figure 1). Because of its cost-effective characteristics, the i-motion membrane pressure sensor produced in 2010 was widely used in different industries, including medical devices.



Because of its reliability and durability, i-motion film pressure sensor is the basic feature of medical equipment. The failure of the function of this equipment in an emergency is unacceptable because it may lead to loss of life. The i-motion film pressure sensor can be used for specific functions of the human-machine interface, and can also be used with other sensor technology to improve the quality of data transmission. For example, they can be used to activate tactile feedback as if enough pressure was applied to a button or key when "clicking" sound or vibration. In the following sections, we will review some of the features of the devices used in hospitals and doctors' offices with a large number of pressure sensing technologies.



Examples of intelligent medical beds: various types of devices require contact (or non-contact) between the device surface and the patient's body parts. One example is radiotherapy equipment for tumors. In order to ensure the accurate location of tumor target, the energy beam must be precisely located and focused. During the treatment setup, this can be done by using a touch protection detector that integrates the pressure sensing resistor of the Aidong film. The unique features of the i-motion film pressure sensor can distinguish between a touch and a press in this application project. Aidong membrane pressure sensor is suitable for hospital bed monitoring application. Pressure sensor is not only used to detect whether the patient has left the

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