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It is the safest option to replace the traditional mercury thermometer with the ear thermometer manufactured by the non-contact infrared temperature sensor of SuZhou LongShow.

Why are mercury thermometers prone to poisoning, and you抮e still using mercury thermometers with extremely low safety coefficients?
Taiwan has banned mercury thermometers since July 2008. Do you have to say that mercury thermometers are accurate when they are banned from selling mercury thermometers abroad?

The data of the non-contact infrared temperature sensor of SuZhou LongShow show that the ear thermometers data of the infrared temperature sensor of SuZhou LongShow are more accurate.

SuZhou LongShow can抰 understand that you stay away from ear thermometers because of price. The non-contact infrared temperature sensors of SuZhou LongShow is the first in China. It reduces the production cost in a straight line. It is more populist and accurate for the products of infrared temperature sensor to measure temperature.

SuZhou LongShow has to say sorry to the users who believe that 搕he moon in foreign countries is more round than China, because the SuZhou LongShow is not only the Chinese goods, but also the international product of the Chinese manufacturing!

The infrared temperature sensor of SuZhou LongShow is suitable for traditional ear thermometers and other products. Welcome to choose:
MTP10-A1F55 MTP10-B1F55
Look at the development of sensors from the perspective of smart home.

At present, with the development of the market, what benefits will the emergence of multiple kinds of sensing technology to the smart home bring? What changes have been made to traditional functional applications? What sensor technologies are available for consumers to further enhance the smart home system or product application experience?
When the Internet of things first came out, it was the sensor network, and the smart home want to achieve 搒mart without the information of the sensor. A large number of shipments of early sensor is mainly in the security series, providing alarm function. With the increase of the number of electrical appliances and electrical products networking, the sensor increases the function of the trigger source in home automation, which is often called ifttt function: 搃f...So.... Frequently-used scenes like someone turn on the light, constant temperature and humidity. The linkage of sensors and appliances and electrical products has become mainstream, but these are not yet called 搒mart, and more accurate term would be 揳utomated. Even so, the linkage with sensors has brought a leap in the smart home upgrade, and users are increasingly using their phones to set up their own scenes.

For the traditional function, the biggest change is to make the system more programmability, the home visualization and environment quantification. More importantly, it brings rich data to the home of artificial intelligence. BroadLink have done a lot of basic research and development work to the combination of AI and household. The architecture of virtual devices (IoVT) makes any sensor data, including the internet sensor information can be abstracted as a virtual device. The data generate transverse and longitudinal contact with all connected devices in the virtual world and home, using the AI brain to help machines actively learn and provide more thoughtful services to human beings.

From the point of view of consumers, voice recognition, face recognition and other related sensing devices will accelerate the real 搒mart landing, and the user experience will bring a qualitative leap! For the simplest example, the air conditioning in the home not only depend on the temperature and humidity sensors for self adjusting, will also use the identification of a family member to automatically select patterns, such as the adjustment of the wind direction in view of adjusting the temperature of children and old people. These new technologies will bring infinite imagination.
In the application of these products, the indispensable infrared temperature sensor of SuZhou LongShow. Here I recommend the following products:
MTP20-A1-CO2 MTP20-B2-CO2

How to select infrared temperature sensor?
Infrared temperature sensor how to choose, we need to judge from some of his performance, optical resolution, the response time of the sensor, the length of the work, temperature range, working environment and so on. With the application of infrared technology, the technology is constantly upgrading and consumers have more and more choice.
when we need to follow three principles when selecting infrared temperature sensor:1. Requirements;2. Contrast; 3. match. Requirements: refers to your requirements for infrared temperature sensors, how much accuracy is needed, what the test environment is, what you need to use to test, how big the object is, what the material is being tested, how fast the response is, and so on. Contrast: compare the functional features of all the requirements with your own test instruments, and select the infrared temperature sensor that meets your requirements. match: after satisfying all the conditions that you need, which infrared temperature sensor抯 various performance collocation (including the price) can achieve the best.
After you understand the front outline, we抮e going to discuss technical issues.
First, for optics, it is estimated that people have some understanding of this, the distance (D) between the sensor to the target and the diameter (S) of the spot of the probe can determine the resolution of light (D/S). If you want to test small objects, while the surrounding environment is required to be installed as early as far away from the target, so we should choose a high-resolution infrared temperature sensor. Of course, the resolution is also a matter of determining the cost of the instruments.
Second, detection response time of the instrument and signal processing functions, and refers to the reaction speed of a sudden change in temperature when the infrared temperature sensor tests objects, then the output of the temperature is transmitted to the controller. The response time is slow, and the function of signal processing is also determined. Some sensor response time can be up to 1ms, and this temperature measuring method is much faster than contact type. If the object moves or the object heats up rapidly, you need to choose the fast response infrared sensors. Otherwise, the response time will affect the signal processing and the accuracy will be reduced. But for a stationary target or objects that are slowly warming up, the response time of the measured temperature does not need to be very fast. So not all events require quick response time. When choosing, you should choose according to the requirements of the test.
Third, the environment has a great influence on infrared sensors, which should be considered and solved as far as possible. Otherwise, it will affect the accuracy of the test, causing serious damage to the temperature sensor. When the dust, smoke and steam has high environment temperature, these meet one of the conditions and can choose the case of merchants, water cooling, air cooling system and air purging instrument and other additional equipment. These are designed to protect the sensors and minimize the interference and harm caused by the environment to the sensor. When determining the accessory equipment that needs to be added, as far as possible, the standard service is required to reduce the installation cost of the whole set. The measurements of dust and smoke should select a dual-color sensor.
Fourth, each sensor of different model has its own temperature range, so users must have a general understanding of the object and target before choosing. The range of temperature sensor should not be too narrow or too wide. The temperature radiation of the short wave in the spectrum exceeds the energy change caused by the radiation caused by the emission error, so it is better to choose the short wave in the temperature test.
Fifth, the emission rate and surface characteristics of each material directly affect the spectral response or wavelength. Therefore, the wavelength range of the target is confirmed and the infrared temperature sensor of the right wavelength is selected.

What security products can be used to effectively protect the safety production of coal mine?

Emergency evacuation - infrared intrusion detection
In many cases, the mining accidents occur without warning, and it is undoubtedly a very dangerous thing for the workers trapped in the mine. In mine accident occurs, the system will understand the situation in mining areas in time through the data of feedback of each sensor, will automatically shut down part of the channel in dangerous zone, cut off part of power supply and pipeline which could cause more serious accidents, prevent fire or explosion accidents, and avoid more threats of trapped people.
Infrared intrusion detector is installed in the mine, and can know whether there were survivors in the mine at any time. The air quality detectors can send environmental quality parameters to the control center at any time. When the environment is bad, it can get through the channel in time to rescue the trapped people by accurately locating the relevant sensors.

The non-contact infrared temperature sensor provides infrared temperature sensor applied to the safety and security of the following products:
MTP10-A1F55 MTP10-B1F55Design restrictions
The sensor is designed for indoor use.

Make sure to use the suitable optical filters and moisture-proof structures in outdoor applications using.

In order to prevent the secondary failures caused by operational failures or malfunctions, the fail-safe features can be added in advance.


Use restrictions
In order to prevent sensor failure, operational failure or any other malfunction, do not use this sensor under the conditions below.

A.Severe changes in ambient temperature.

B.Strong vibration or vibration.

C.The detecting area is full with barrier material (glass, fog, etc.)

D.In liquids, corrosive gases and seawater.

E.Continuous use in a high-humidity atmosphere.

F.Static electric field or strong electromagnetic radiation.

G.Corrosive gas or sea breeze.

H.Dirty and dusty environment that may contaminate the optical window.


Welding restrictions
A.Soldering with soldering iron. The welding temperature should be under 260癈 in 10 seconds. Long time overheating of the sensor pins should be avoided.

B.All flux must be washed off after soldering and rinsed with a brush. Using an ultrasonic cleaner may cause performance problems.


Usage restrictions

Use and sell should be under any applicable law or regulation.

The sensor failure caused by incorrect handling or storage is not the responsibility of the manufacturer.

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