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bs412 bl412 bm412 ns412 high cost stable pyroelectric infrared sensor

New 4-pin bs412 bl412 bm412 ns412 high cost stable pyroelectric infrared sensor


product details


D203b bs412 bl412 bm412 ns412 is a high cost-effective stable pyroelectric infrared sensor independently developed and produced by long display sensor.


1. Model: bs412 bl412 bm412 ns412. Purpose: universal probe, which can be used for automatic lighting, automatic doors, toys, intrusion alarm, etc. 3. Sensitive element type: dual element series connection type 4. Overall dimension: to - 5 package, see Figure 1 5. Performance index 5.1 electrical performance item test condition specification signal output ambient temperature 25oC blackbody temperature 420k (147 C) modulation frequency 1 Hz amplification 72.5 dB (operation amplifier 5000 times) VD = 5V, rs = 47K O= 3 Vp-p noise ambient temperature 25oC amplification 72.5 dB (operation amplifier 5000 times) VD = 5V, rs = 47K O < 170mvp-p max. (typ. 100mvp-p) balance [*] blackbody temperature 420k (147 C) amplification 72.5 DB (operation amplifier 5000 times) VD = 5V, rs = 47K O < 15% power supply voltage 3 ~ 15V Source voltage VD = 5V, rs = 47K O 0.4 ~ 1.1V response time after power on, the time required for signal stable output is less than 15s [*] V balance = VAB / VA + VB 100% VAB = sensitivity of dual element (mvp-p) VA = sensitivity of unit a (mvp-p) B = sensitivity of unit B (mvp-p) test method is shown in Fig. 2 and Fig. 3. 5.2 specification of optical performance item visual field angle X axis: 120. Y axis: 100. ; see Fig. 4 for acceptance wavelength of 5.5-14 m; see Fig. 5 for cutoff wavelength of 5.2 0.5 m; see Fig. 5


BS412 BL412 BM412 Ns412 digital pyroelectric sensor is an integrated design of the traditional pyroelectric sensor's sensitive element and signal processing chip. The sensitive element and IC chip are integrated and packaged in the sensor shield. The sensitive element is transmitted to the high-precision digital intelligent processing chip for processing in the way of differential input by sensing the infrared signal generated by the movement of the external human body. The signal processing is completed and the sensing is completed It can output digital signal directly, which is convenient to use.


Sensor features


1. High precision ad signal processing;


2. Differential signal input mode, strong anti-interference ability;


3. It has the functions of sensitivity adjustment, delay time adjustment and photosensitive enabling control;


4. Whether the enable sensor at the enable end turns on the output;


5. Low working voltage and low power consumption;


6. Digital TTL signal output.


Main applications


Security Products


Human induction toys


Human induction lamps, switches, home appliances


Industrial automation control


Smart home


Internet of things terminal


Smart home appliances, etc


Technical indicators


Digital intelligent pyroelectric infrared sensor bs412 bl412 bm412 ns412


Product overview

Bs412 bl412 bm412 ns412 is a pyroelectric infrared sensor which integrates the digital intelligent control circuit and the human body detection sensitive elements in the electromagnetic shield. The human body detection sensitive element couples the sensed human body moving signal to the digital intelligent integrated circuit chip through a very high impedance differential input circuit. The digital intelligent integrated circuit converts the signal into a digital signal. When the PIR signal exceeds the selected digital threshold, there will be a delayed rel level output. The time parameter is set by resistance to control the delay time of the continuous operation of the electric appliance. All the signal processing is done on one chip.



? digital signal processing.

? low voltage, low power consumption, short warm-up time.

? high power rejection ratio, anti radio interference (mobile phone, WiFi, etc.).

? the second-order Butterworth band-pass filter with built-in infrared sensor can shield the input interference of other frequencies.

? it has timing time, and the simulation time is continuously adjustable.

? good stability and effective suppression of repetitive misoperation.

? simple application circuit.


? toys

? digital picture frame

? TV, refrigerator, air conditioner

? USB alarm

? PIR motion detection

? intrusion detection

? occupancy detection

? Internet of things sensors

? induction light

? webcam

? LAN Monitor

? private alarm

? car security system

? automatic on and off of indoor lights, corridor, stair lights, etc

Product model system

PIR B S 4 1 2


Sensitive element type


Power supply voltage characteristics


Number of feet


Window size


IC model


performance parameter

1. Limit value

Exceeding the values in the table below may cause permanent damage to the device.

Parameter sign min max unit remarks

Working temperature TST - 20 85 ?

Any pin limit in to - 100 100 Ma

Storage temperature tst-40-125 ?

2. Working conditions (t = 25 C, VDD = 3V, unless otherwise specified)

Parameter symbol minimum value typical value maximum value unit remarks

Supply voltage VDD 2.2 3 3.7 V

Working current IDD 9 9.5 11 a

Sensitivity threshold vsens 90 V is not adjustable

Output rel

Output low current IOL 10 Ma Vol < 1V

Output high current IOH - 10 Ma Voh > (vdd-1v)

Low level output locking time of rel: tol 2 s is not adjustable

High level output delay time of rel: Toh 2 3600 s

Enter ontime

Voltage input range 0 VDD / 2 V regulation range between 0V and VDD / 2

Input bias current - 1 1 a

Oscillator and filter

Low pass filter cut-off frequency 7 Hz

High pass filter cut-off frequency 0.44 Hz

Oscillator frequency on chip fclk 64 kHz

Internal block diagram

3. Output trigger mode

When the pyroelectric infrared signal received by the probe exceeds the contact inside the probe

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