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Infrared flame detection solution

Infrared flame detection solution

No matter what kind of design, safety is always "just needed". For building engineering, fire prevention is an essential factor to be considered. In general civil and commercial buildings, smoke alarm is the most commonly used means. However, in some special industrial places, such as industrial plants, warehouses, tunnels, etc., large space scale and faster fire alarm response speed are required, which requires more sensitive sensitive flame detector.


Point type multi band infrared flame detection technology is one of the best schemes for fire early warning at present. It can detect the characteristic infrared ray emitted by the flame to early warn the fire, which has faster response speed than the traditional smoke or temperature sensing fire detection technology, especially in the open space, the early warning time can exceed 80%.


It has been widely used in various oil storage facilities, large warehouses and other places, and has become a standard configuration in high-risk fire fields such as petroleum, chemical industry, paper-making, smelting, nuclear power station, etc. at the same time, it has been gradually popularized in high-end residential, commercial, general industry and other fields, providing more security for people's life and property.

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