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Anti theft solution

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people's demand for family life comfort is more and more intense. People tend to give priority to the safety of the home. This kind of smart home is mainly composed of visual intercom door machine and various detectors, which are connected to the smart home manager. Once the alarm button is triggered, the smart home receives the signal and alarms to remind the user ?



In the smart home market, there is no doubt that the highest level of consumer acceptance is the security system. A complete security system includes alarm system, video monitoring and visual intercom.


After years of experience, this scheme is applied to human body infrared sensor products. We strongly recommend you to use the following models.


Non contact temperature measurement solution

Traditional temperature measurement uses mercury thermometer for contact measurement, which has the advantages of stable performance and small error, but it has the disadvantages of long measurement time, high risk of cross infection and mercury poisoning caused by broken glass.


Infrared ear thermometer is the most commonly used thermometer at present. It only needs a little forehead or ear part to test the body temperature and prevent body infection. Infrared ear thermometer collects the infrared radiation of ear cavity and tympanic membrane through infrared sensor and converts it into digital signal. The main CPU unit converts the digital signal into temperature value and displays it on the LCD screen. Compared with mercury thermometer, infrared ear thermometer has the advantages of high precision, high resolution, fast measurement speed, simple operation, safety and comfort.


Now the country is also banning the production of mercury. I believe that the application of infrared ear thermometer will be more and more extensive in the future.



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Product Description

Infrared thermopile temperature sensor isb-ts45h




Intelligent infrared sensor bs412 (digital dual plug-in package)


Intelligent infrared sensor as312 (digital dual plug-in package)


Infrared sensor d203b (analog dual plug-in package)


Infrared sensor d204b (analog dual plug-in package)


Infrared sensor d204s (analog dual plug-in package)


Infrared sensor d203s (analog dual plug-in package)


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