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Internet of things solutions

Internet of things solutions

"Internet of things concept" is a kind of network concept, which extends and extends its user end to any goods and goods on the basis of "Internet concept", and carries out information exchange and communication. The concept of the Internet of things was put forward in China as early as 1999, when it was called the sensor network. The definition is: a network concept that connects any item with the Internet and carries out information exchange and communication through RFID, infrared sensor, global positioning system, laser scanner and other information sensing equipment according to the agreed protocol, so as to realize intelligent identification, positioning, tracking, monitoring and management.



The Internet of things integrates business system, social system and physical system to form a new and intelligent infrastructure and equipment network group, which can be applied in many fields such as industrial monitoring, traffic management, logistics management, power management, environmental protection, military, public security, safe home, elderly care, personal health, etc. The development of the Internet of things will have a tremendous impact on the world economy, politics, culture, military and other aspects, and make people's life style change dramatically.


This scheme is applied to infrared sensor products of human body. It is highly recommended that you use the following models.

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