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Consumer electronics and Internet of things

Medical and health

The implementation of function platform is used to connect all life.


Heart rate and heart rate variability (HRV, for example, continuous blood pressure variability).

Real time, high-precision measurement and analysis of activity levels, such as movement patterns and muscle contractions.

It can eliminate motion artifacts and improve the signal quality of other wearable devices.

Application in health

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Wearable pulse sensor

Medical sensing

Superficial Temporal Artery

Facial Artery

Carotid Artery

Brachial Artery

Radial Artery

Femoral Artery

Popliteal Artery

Posterior Tibial Artery

Dorsalis Pedis Artery






Consumer electronics and Internet of things

Promote the integration of life and modern technology through friendly intelligent interface.


Diversity of input signals: on / off, sliding, multi touch and gesture

Exclusive full transparent sensor, fabric sensor, array sensor, ultra small size and high precision sensor.

Flexible 3D touch input on hard, soft or curved surfaces.

Body and touch detection for intelligent switches and controllers.

It is very suitable for prosthetic rehabilitation equipment and services.

Consumer electronics and Internet of things applications

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Consumer electronics


Intelligent Infrastructure

Pressure distribution measurement

Project consultation: Mr. Chen, 18026916463

Email: chenxu@tacsense.cn

Brief introduction of TSA pressure distribution measuring instrument

TSA pressure distribution measuring instrument is a set of pressure distribution test research and online pressure distribution monitoring tool independently developed by titanium deep technology. The equipment is composed of pressure distribution measurement software, data collector and thin-film sensor. The products are divided into wired and wireless two categories, which can meet the user's demand for pressure distribution point inspection and test, and can realize online monitoring and feedback alarm of pressure distribution through the integrated scheme.


software function

In 2D / 3D display mode, real-time display pressure distribution nephogram;

Pressure distribution cloud chart can be photographed and stored

Pressure distribution cloud chart can be recorded and replayed

Statistical analysis of various data based on photographing and video data

Generating multidimensional pressure data curve with time based on video data statistics

Pressure data can be imported into excel

The pressure data at each point can be displayed

Can display the center of gravity and pressure center of gravity trajectory

Afterglow record shows

Specifications and parameters of data collector

Product model




Shell material




Appearance size




Interface type


USB 2.0


Power Supply


5V 0.2A micro USB port power supply


Maximum scan rate


50 Hz (depending on pressure area)


Digital pressure resolution




Sensor array interface


0.5mm 64pin flexible FPC interface G


indicator light


Power indicator green (long on indicates normal power on)


The connection indicator is yellow (if it is on for a long time, the connection is normal)


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