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infrared sensor d202x

infrared sensor

Product Name: infrared sensor d202x (analog dual plug-in package)


Product model: d202x


Product information: Click to download (please refer to product information for details)


Product features: analog dual plug-in package, toys and other angle requirements, special products, small induction angle.

Product introduction

Product Description

Window size: 2 * 3mm

Infrared receiving electrode: 2 * 1mm, 2elements

Package TO-5

The receiving wavelength is 5-14 M

Transmittance = 75%

Output signal peak value [Vp-p] = 3300mv

Sensitivity = 3100v / W

Detection rate (d *) 1. 108 cmhz1 / 2 / W

Noise peak value [Vp-p] < 70mV

Output balance < 10%

Source voltage: 0.3 ~ 1.2V

Power supply voltage: 3 ~ 15V

Working temperature range - 30 ~ 70 C

Storage temperature range - 40 ~ 80 C

Incident angle diagram

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