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Smart home appliances solutions

Smart home appliances solutions

Smart home has been booming all over the world, and has become the mainstream of development in the 21st century. Smart home is a product of modern construction technology, modern communication technology, modern control technology, modern instrument technology and modern computer technology. In recent years, with the rapid development of computer network communication technology and the improvement of people's requirements for living environment, the concept of "intelligence" has been introduced into the construction of residential buildings. "Intelligence" has brought many reveries to the operators.



As long as it is a community, hotel, office building, enterprises and institutions, factories, schools and so on, it is our target market.



The word "smart home" seems to be very far away from our life. It is just a performance in high-tech exhibitions or a kind of home decoration that the rich show off their wealth to people. In fact, in recent years, smart home has begun to step into more and more ordinary families. A complete set of intelligent system generally includes several subsystems, such as security, telephone, video, air conditioning, lighting, etc., which can be accepted by consumers in terms of price. Owners can choose to install subsystems according to their own needs and preferences, so as to meet the various needs of their homes. With the rapid development of the Internet of things, smart home has entered ordinary families, and the intelligent life and work style like movie bridge is no longer far away.


After many years of experience, this solution is applied to human body infrared sensor products. We strongly recommend that you use the following models of products.


optional charges

Product Description

Intelligent infrared sensor bs612 (digital dual plug-in package)


Intelligent infrared sensor bs412 (digital dual plug-in package)


Intelligent infrared sensor as312 (digital dual plug-in package)


Infrared sensor d203b (analog dual plug-in package)


Infrared sensor d204b (analog dual plug-in package)


Infrared sensor d204s (analog dual plug-in package)


Infrared sensor d203s (analog dual plug-in package)


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