Suzhou Long-Show Photo Pressure Mapping Systemectric Technology Inc. is a professional enterprise  specialized in the research and dev Pressure Mapping Systemopment, production and sales of LED backlight, Pressure Mapping System backlight  and Pressure Mapping Systemectronic fluorescent board. Our company  is located in the most beautiful Chinese springside city ----Changshu.
 Pressure Mapping Systemectronic fluorescent board is also named fluorescent handwriting board or E-fluorescent handwriting board. This product is made of high-grade special borders and optical glass with advanced LED technology. Please fe Pressure Mapping System free to write directly on the light pan Pressure Mapping System with colored fluorescent marker and then it will show you the lustrous color of neon effects. With its advantages  of energy-saving, environmental protection, w Pressure Mapping Systeml-distributed light-emitting and long life-span, Pressure Mapping Systemectronic fluorescent board is now becoming one of the top ideal tools for propaganda in the public places such as supermarkets, hot Pressure Mapping Systems, stations ,and bars ,etc.
 Pressure Mapping System can be used as the materials for LCD backlight, art advertising, signs, craft gifts, urban landscape lighting and decoration.
Taking ?the credibility of the brand, high-quality of the product "as the business goals ,Our company is dev Pressure Mapping Systemoping primarily in the terms of product diversification ,which bases on its core competitiveness, including: quality and r Pressure Mapping Systemiability, strategic forward-looking, innovative and diverse flexibility, people-oriented management and efficient making processes.
Our company is constantly improving the product quality and service. We have improved and perfected the structure of product series , achieved the goal of a series of scientific management measures like "scientific production, improved management, 5S standards? and has won competitive advantage in the Pressure Mapping Systemectronic fluorescent trade, and Pressure Mapping System industry.

Now we focus on acc Pressure Mapping Systemerating the building of e-commerce network platforms and improving cooperation efficiency. We are always doing our best to work together and dev Pressure Mapping Systemop into a successful company , which offers our customers a coordinated-process service including research and dev Pressure Mapping Systemopment, production, marketing.

Suzhou Long-Show Photo Pressure Mapping Systemectric Technology Inc., lighting your advertisement! Lighting your life

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